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Ostl a.D. Karl -Conny- Vogt

geboren am 2. Januar 1938
gestorben am 26. März 2021



Susanne und Stefan Forstner
entzündete diese Kerze am 3. April 2021 um 9.38 Uhr

Alles hat seine Stunde. Für jedes Geschehen unter dem Himmel gibt es eine bestimmte Zeit ...

Kohelet 3

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Amelia Bonilla
schrieb am 20. April 2021 um 1.38 Uhr

It has been very difficult to come up with any words to say. It still does not seem real as we are so far away here in California. My Opa was such a wonderful Grandfather to me even though we lived an ocean apart. I will forever cherish my memories of him from all the summers he cared for us, all the places we traveled together, and all the love he had for his great-grandchildren, grandchildren, his children, and for Oma. Opa always made everyone feel special, I will forever miss seeing him cook in the kitchen, whipping up amazing meals for the whole family like it was nothing, and being delicious as always. All of our fun adventures will forever be apart of who I am and my heart is broken. Oma, I love you, your such a strong woman, I have always looked up to you and admire your strength. I know you are hurting and we are thinking of you always. -Amelia Bonilla

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